3 Emergent Issues to Consider when Finding the Perfect Kindergarten for Your Toddler

3 Emergent Issues to Consider when Finding the Perfect Kindergarten for Your Toddler

6 October 2020
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In the past, getting your child into a pre-school was an uncomplicated process. You just needed to know a few good schools, compare factors such as proximity and the learning environment, and pick one. While these factors are still crucial in choosing a kindergarten, times have changed a lot over the past decade. 

The learning environment has become extremely competitive. Nowadays, the choice of kindergarten may be even more important than the college your child will eventually join. There is cutthroat competition for the best schools, and you have to start looking early. As you do your search, here are three new issues that you should put into consideration.

Has the School Integrated Online Technology in Learning?

The world of learning has changed a lot in the past few years. There was a time when online learning meant getting an assignment and being allowed to check the internet for information. Nowadays, and with emerging issues such as the current health pandemic, it has become vital for all learning institutions to invest in online learning technologies. 

While a kindergarten does not need to rely on online learning heavily, it is a great place to introduce learners to e-learning modes of education. When looking for a school, ask to see how they engage learners on digital platforms and see the technology they have in place.

Does the School Emphasize Physical Activity?

Kindergarten is the period of a child's life when they are refining their motor skills. It is only wise to allow them to engage in hands-on learning experiences. Education systems such as Montessori are activity-based, and the learners are free to explore their environment.

If the school has adopted these learner-centred teaching methods, ask to see the classroom and assess whether the environment is conducive to stimulate your child's curiosity to explore.

How Qualified Are Teachers and Caregivers?

Early childhood development and education have stopped being some kind of an afterthought and taken centre stage in educational training. This is after psychologists established that the formative years determine the type of trajectory the life of a child will take. Currently, teachers who have a bachelor's degree in early childhood development are preferred for their skills.

When looking for a kindergarten, ask about the qualifications of the caregivers.

Choosing the perfect kindergarten for your child will help you determine how their life will turn out. With an excellent school, you are assured your child will be moulded into a well-rounded student for higher education levels. 

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