Are You Looking for a Long Day Care Centre?

Are You Looking for a Long Day Care Centre?

15 October 2021
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Do you need to find a day care centre for your child? When a baby has just been born, it is usual for the child to spend time with the parents, but after a while, you may need to return to work or pick up your responsibilities elsewhere. When it's time to spend some time away from your child, a long day care centre could be just what you need. For a 3-year-old, long day care can be a new and exciting adventure. For you, day care offers the opportunity of embracing your outside responsibilities while knowing that your child is being cared for by trained professionals.

Selecting a long day care centre

While the idea of allowing a friend or relative to care for your child may seem attractive at first, it's unreasonable to expect them to spend all day every day looking after your child. Finding your 3-year-old long day care facilities is the best option, but not every day care centre will be suitable.

When is it open? 

When looking at long day care centres, first of all, check what hours the centre is open and whether the drop-off and collection times will fit around your work. While many centres will try to be flexible if your plans need to change at the last minute, you must choose a centre that can accommodate your working hours. If your shift patterns are subject to change, ensure that there won't be any problems, regardless of the shift you must work.

Is there availability? 

If you need a space for a 3-year-old, long day care centres will always try to fit in your child, but there may be a waiting list. If you are planning to return to work after giving birth, it can be best to add the name of your child to the waiting list at your earliest opportunity. With planning, you can be certain that day care will be available when you need it.

What will your child do? 

"What happens at long day care?" is not a question that is asked often enough. For a 3-year-old, long day care will consume most of their waking hours. If you want them to have a happy and fulfilled life, finding a centre with a full program of activities is important. Before settling on a centre, ask them how they will fill each day, whether the routine varies and what they do to ensure that each day is suitably stimulating. Ideally, you want to collect a tired but happy child each evening, not someone bored and still full of energy.

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